Resurgency in the Insurgency

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From half life Mod to Developement Hell to a moderately Great Shooter

Its 2007 the height of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars and the world is flooding into the Half life Modding scene
Games like Zombie Panic, Day Of Defeat Counter Strike and Gmod have now hit the Source engine in full force to entire conversion mods to complete standalones. when Andrew Spearin decided to create a realistic modern infantry squad-based multiplayer first-person shooter based on his experiences of serving in the Canadian Army from 2002. Operation: Counter-Insurgency (OPCOIN).He had no idea that the mod itself would be downloaded over 1 million times from back then MODDB and walk out with the 2007 Players choice best mod of the year. But there it stood in all its might. It was no question that much like Counter Strike, It would go to a complete standalone and with the help of Jeremy Blum the founder of the Red Orchastra mod.
Developement Hell
Fast Forward 5 years later, Counter strike and much of the popular source games are full standalones and now sequeled.The Reception of Insurgency was due course for its own sequel. July of 2012 the official Kick starter Campaign was launched for Insurgency with a goal of 180,000$ the official developement was under way. Ultimately though the kickstarter would never achieve its goal, it wouldnt even be close with only hitting 37%. Unlike most stories about Kickstarter campaigns at the time where donators would either get the refund or ripped off The entire Insurgency staff owed it to those 37% donators out there and proceeded anyways with the money they had. Unfortunately later this would cause multiple release date pushbacks and development funding issues. Finally on march of 2013 the decision to release the title under steams early access saved the game into what was supposed to be a disaster of a scratched title into a playable game that had found a new source of revenue and current on build number testing with current user feedback. These Changes had ultimately saved the title and on January 22nd, 2014 the game left early access after 9 months and published.
Drum Roll
When the game dropped out of Early Access, the reviews were ultimately surprising from a Game developement staff whos only experience at the time was modding. Metacritic gave it a 74/100, IGN a 7.5 Out of 10. PC Gamer gave it a 77/100. 400,000 copies were sold in the first 8 months. Now Currently 4 Million players own the game.
The Resurgence
Ultimately Insurgency wasnt a top selling shooter like Call of Duty or Battlefield, but it did leave its mark by proving Early Access works or how an idea for a genre already saturated with so many titles can still break into the scene and turn a profit. It also gave birth to a New Title released this year "Day Of Infamy" originally a WW2 mod for Insurgency became a developed standalone by the same team. But the 2017 steam sale showed a very surprising result about Insurgency, 7,125 players returned or started new to the title this year. Shortly after New World Interactive announced new content for the older title. Sandstorm drops 2018

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